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ROTI®DipSlide PCA/RBCplus

ready-to-use, sterile, for microbiology
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Contact agar, Ready-made media
Storage temp. +4 to +15 °C
Transport temp. cooled

For total germ count and for detection of yeasts and moulds in liquids or on surfaces.
Expiration time on request.
Do NOT freeze!

Sterile dip slides with solid culture medium for easy microbiological analysis of solutions and surf ...
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Art. No. 2926.1

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Product details

Sterile dip slides with solid culture medium for easy microbiological analysis of solutions and surfaces.

Tried-and-tested media in a new look – Now with optimised plastic carriers!

  • 2 in 1: Immersion culture media and impression agarEasy to useReliable assay and easy interpretationSuitable for determining the microbiological contamination and for hygiene controls in a variety of domainsIncluding detailed instructions-for-use

ROTI®DipSlides are made of a flexible plastic tongue which is coated with solid culture medium on both sides. Following dipping into the solution to be tested or inoculation by pressing to a surface, the slide is placed back into the sterile tube and incubated.

Total area for analysis is 11,44 cm2 per side.
Tube Ø: 2,9 cm.

Large quantity orders are freshly produced. Hence, longer delivery times may occur.


  • Remove carrier from sterile vial. Screw-cap serves automatically as holder.
  • Press agar gently onto surface or immerse in liquid
  • Replace carrier into vial and close cap
  • Incubate vial with carrier at a temperature suitable for the bacteria

  • Neutraliser Active substance
    Polysorbate 80 + Lecithin Amphotensides, benzamidine, chlorhexidine (guanidine), quaternary ammonium compounds, substituted phenols
    Sodium bisulphite Aldehydes, glutaraldehyde
    Natrium thioglycolate Isothiazoline (Kathon CG), mercury compounds
    Sodium thiosulfate Iodine and iodophore, chlorine
    Sources: Walhäuser (1988), APHA (2001), AAMI (1984)

    Inactivation of anti-microbiological products:

    Disinfectants and preservatives have the task of preventing the growth of, or killing bacteria. However, there are particularly resistant bacteria that can survive anti-microbe agents, or even survive in the active substance.

    To determine the bacterial count, the bactericide or fungicide effect is neutralized by socalled uninhibitors. Thus, media containing uninhibitors can be used to check the effectiveness of the disinfectants and preservatives.

    For easy interpretation of results, use the following table:

    No. of colonies Result Interpretation
    0 Negative No contamination
    1–10 Weakly positive Weak contamination
    11–20 Positive Low contamination
    21–100 Strongly positive High contamination
    >100 Highly positive Very high contamination

    Detection limit is 102 cfu/ml solution assayed.

    For detailed instructions on interpretation see instruction-for-use.

    ROTI®DipSlide PCA/RBCplus ready-to-use, sterile, for microbiology

    Side 1 (PCA): Plate Count Agar (acc. to APHA, ISO 4833:2003) (Art. No. X930) for total germ count.

    Side 2 (RBCplus): Bengal Red Agar (with chloroamphenicol) (Art. No. AE24) for detection of yeasts and moulds.

    ROTI®DipSlide PCA/RBCplus
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    Analysis certificates

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    The following analysis certificates have been found:


    Agar side 1
    Casein peptone5 g/l
    Yeast extract2,5 g/l
    Glucose1 g/l
    Agar15 g/l
    pH value7,0±0,2
    Colouramber, slightly opalescent
    Growth of test strainscomplies
    Agar side 2
    Peptone5 g/l
    Glucose10 g/l
    Potassium phosphate1 g/l
    Magnesium sulphate (MgSO4)0,5 g/l
    Chloroamphenicol0,1 g/l
    Bengal red0,05 g/l
    Agar15 g/l
    Colourintense pink
    Growth of test strainscomplies