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Silica gel orange - Desiccant Sachets

50 g (9 × 12 cm), with indicator
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Desiccant Sachets Silica Gel Orange
Melting point (mp) >1000 °C

Desiccant sachet made of white long fiber paper with Silica gel orange filling. Regeneration is not possible.

Desiccant sachets protect valuable and sensitive goods against dampness.
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Art. No. N079.1

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Product details

Desiccant sachets protect valuable and sensitive goods against dampness.

  • Manufactured from white long fiber paper
  • Filling: Silica Gel Orange
  • The different sized bags and different volumes enable multi-purpose application
  • Colour change from orange to colourless at 15-20 wt% shows the degree of saturation of the sachet

Application examples

Used in packaging for storage and transport to protect sensitive electronic instruments, equipment, machine parts, chemical products and goods against dampness.

Silica gel orange - Desiccant Sachets 50 g (9 × 12 cm), with indicator

Technical Information
Regeneration not possible, as the long fibre paper is not temperature resistant 
Silica gel orange - Desiccant Sachets
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General information

Silica gels protect moisture sensitive goods or chemicals during storage and transport. They are suitable for drying virtually all gases and solids.

Silica gels have a broad spectrum of application in the laboratory and in technical and industrial sectors:

  • Possible applications in the laboratory are in desiccators, drying towers and in absorption tubes
  • In the industrial sector they are mainly used in drying plants and with various types of packaging
  • Are not suitable for drying liquids and alkaline substances

In order to achieve low residual water content over the silica gel, the capacity can only be utilised partially. The less silica gel is loaded with water the more intensively it dries. For example, to achieve a residual water content of 1 mg/l the loading must not be higher than 5,2 g water / 100 g silica gel.


Desiccants can absorb water and bind it chemically (reversibly or irreversibly) or physically. The main desiccants can be subdivided into four categories:

• non-renewable chemical desiccants
• renewable chemical desiccants
• silica gels
• molecular sieves

Drying methods for solvents


Is not possible for the desiccant bags, as the long fiber paper is not temperature-stable.

Certificates of Analysis

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The following analysis certificates have been found:

Type analysis

Adsorptive capacity
20 % rel. humidityapprox. 10 %  
40 % rel. humidityapprox. 19 %  
50 % rel. humidityapprox. 23 %  
Colour change from orange to colourless. Regeneration is not possible.

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