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Compact Dry Swab, 40 unit(s)

From NISSUI Pharmaceutical
for microbiology
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Density (D) 1 g/cm³
Storage temp. +15 to +25 °C
Transport temp. ambient temp.

All-in-one set of swab and nutrient broth for microbiological sampling of surfaces.
Contains 1 ml Peptone Water, buffered

Sterile all-in-one system for sampling in the microbiological field of work. Suitable for analysis o ...
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Type analysis

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excl. VAT. | 40 unit(s) per Pack Qty.

Art. No. 4809.1

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Product details

Compact Dry Swab for microbiology

Sterile all-in-one system for sampling in the microbiological field of work. Suitable for analysis of foods and feeds, in pharmaceutical areas, as well as for hygiene monitoring, and for exclusion of contaminations.


Compact Dry Swabs are particularly suitable for sampling at difficult-to-access areas or when working on site. The sample taken may be transported inside the swab. Storage at room temperature as well as easy application makes them a very versatile tool in microbiology.

Compact Dry Swabs made by NISSUI are particularly easy to apply, and may also be used by laymen. In order to test a surface, the respective area is wiped with the sterile cotton swab. After returning the swab into the tube, the germs are released into the nutrient broth by agitation. The amount of 1 ml medium has been optimised for inoculation of nutrient agar plates in general, also making this swab most compatible with Compact Dry plates.


Compact Dry Swab
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Type analysis

Appearance nutrient brothlight yellow  
pH value6,8-7,2  

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