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Positive displacement pipette Digital Transferpettor, 1000 ­ 5000 µl

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Piston pipettes for difficult media

For foaming media (e.g. tenside solutions), high ...
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Art. No. NA93.1

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Product details

Piston pipettes for difficult media

For foaming media (e.g. tenside solutions), high-vapour-pressure media (e.g. alcohols, ether, hydrocarbons), viscous media and high-density media (e.g. concentrated protein solutions, oils, resins, fats, glycerine, mercury, sulphuric acid).

Unlike air displacement pipettes, the piston of the positive displacement pipette is in direct contact with the liquid to be pipetted. This principle always provides precise reproducible results, regardless of the pipetting speed and the ambient conditions. Capillaries and tips can be reused, since the minimal residual wetting is negligible for most applications. Where carry-over is not permitted, such as with infectious or radioactive media, air displacement pipettes with disposable tips should be used.

With DE-M marking and quality certificate.

  • Media with densities up to 13.6 g/cm³
  • Viscosity up to 140,000 mm²/s (depending on size of apparatus)
  • Vapour pressure up to 500 mbar
  • Working temperature range 15 to 40 °C

Technical Information
Volume 1000 to 5000  µl
Graduation 10,0  
Correctness 5000 µl ≤0,5  %
Variation coefficient 5000 µl ≤0,2  %
Positive displacement pipette Digital Transferpettor
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