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Transfer membrane ROTI®NC 0.45 400 × 30 cm

Mogelijke gevolgen: zijn ontvlambaar; vloeistoffen vormen met lucht explosieve mengsels; zorgen met water voor ontvlambare gassen of zijn zelfontvlambaar. Veiligheid: uit de buurt van open vuur en warmtebronnen houden; vaten dicht afsluiten; brandveilig bewaren.
i flammable solid
Made of Nitrocellulose (100 %).
Density (D) 1,7 g/cm³
Flash point (flp) 180 °C
ADR 4.1 II
UN-Nr. 3270

Transfer membrane for protein analyses, Southern- and Northern-Blots.

High-quality t ...

396,70 €/VE 

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Bestelnr. 9201.1

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Made of Nitrocellulose (100 %).

Transfer membrane for protein analyses, Southern- and Northern-Blots.

High-quality transfer membrane for all detection systems - extremely suitable for all protein transfer and detection methods. The ROTI®NC 0.45 membrane offers very good mechanical stability, standing out for its particularly smooth structure and even membrane thickness. The pure 100% nitrocellulose quality membrane is easy to block and allows for background-free blots with perfect bands.


The pore size of 0,45 μm is suitable for proteins and peptides of all sizes. The best retention rate is achieved when blotting proteins of ≥20 kDa. Having a high protein binding capacity, the membrane not only efficiently prevents protein loss during transfer, but also guarantees very sensitive detection of even low protein amounts.


Optimised for proteins ≥20 kDa. Western- and far-Western-blots, Southern- and Northern blots, colony- and plaque-lifting of nucleic acids and proteins, dot- and slot blots.
Detection via radio activity, chemoluminescence, colour.

Technische informatie
Uitvoering roll  
Poriëngrootte 0,45  µm
Binding hydrophobic  
Afmeting 400 × 30 cm  
Binding capacity ≥125  µg/cm²
Dikte 150±10  µm
Immobilization UV, baking (max. 80 °C)  
Transfer membrane ROTI®NC 0.45 400 × 30 cm
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9201.1 1 rol(len) 400 × 30 cm 396,70 €
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