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Ethidium bromide solution 0,025 % in dropper bottle, 75 ml, 5 x 15 ml

250 μg/ml in water, ready-to-use
3,8-Diamino-5-ethyl-6-phenylphenanthridinium bromide, Homidium bromide
Density (D) 1 g/cm³
Boiling point (bp) 100 °C

For staining of DNA or RNA in agarose gels during electrophoresis.
2 drops ethidium bromide solution on 50 ml melted agarose.
Store solution in the dark!

In spite of newly developed fluorescent staining reagents ethidium bromide remains the standard stai ...

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In spite of newly developed fluorescent staining reagents ethidium bromide remains the standard staining technic for nucleic acid in electrophoresis. Ethidium bromide is a carcinogenic substance which shouldn't come in contact with skin. In order to minimise this danger we offer ready-to-use ethidium bromide solutions in dropper bottles for easy handling and maximum safety.

Ethidium bromide

Ethidium bromide is a strong mutagenic and toxic substance. For your own safety, always wear gloves and respiratory protection to prevent contamination when working with this substance. After use, dispose of solutions correctly. They may not be discarded into the environment.
The following procedure is recommended (acc. to INSERM, Dossier prevention, Number 2, 2nd Ed., September 88):
1. Collect and dispose of as hazardous waste.
2. Break down EtBr with potassium permanganate and HCI (P. Quillardet, M. Hofnung, Trends Genet. 4,89 [1988]).
3. Break down EtBr with hypophosphoric acid and sodium nitrite (Lunn and Sansone; Analyt. Biochem. 162, 453-458 [1987]).
4. Absorption of EtBr with Amberlite® XAD-16 (Lunn and Sansone) or with activated carbon (Bensaude, O. Method, Trends Genet. 4, 89-90 [1988]) from the solution.

We recomment disposure by SEKUROKA®Decon-Bags (Art. No. T856)

Ethidium bromide solution 0,025 % in dropper bottle 250 μg/ml in water, ready-to-use

Two drops will suffice for staining a 50 ml agarose gel. Add directly to melted agarose.


Excitation maxima (unbound): 210 nm, 285 nm, 470 nm
Excitation maxima (bound to DNA): 330 nm, 500 nm. Excitation possible via DNA at 254 nm
Emission maximum: 605 nm.

Technische informatie
Excitation max. (DNA-bound) 330  nm
500  nm
Excitation Max. (unbound) 210 nm  
285 nm  
470 nm  
Emission max. 605 nm  
Ethidium bromide solution 0,025 % in dropper bottle
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