061 - 712 11 60 (Switzerland)

Brilliant Green Bile Broth

DIN 10172, for microbiology
For selective enrichment and enumeration of coli bacteria in milk, water samples, faeces and other material.
Application: Use 40 g for 1 l broth.

Storage temp.: +20 °C

Adding 40 mg/l Novobiocin (Art. No. 0247.1) during selective detection of coliform bacteria further reduces the growth of attendant flora (Alcaide et al., 1982, J. Appl. Bact. 53:143-6).


1 Escherichia coli (turbidity and gas formation (arrow))

2 Enterobacter aerogenes (turbidity)

3 Uninoculated broth

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Brilliant Green Bile Broth

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Technical information

Guarantee analysis:
Gelatine peptone10 g/l
Lactose10 g/l
Bile salts20 g/l
Brilliant green0,0133 g/l
pH value7,2 ±0,2


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