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Roti®-Aquatest Plate Staph

Ph.Eur., ready-to-use, sterile, for microbiology
For isolation of pathogenic staphylococci.

Roti<sup>®</sup>-Aquatest Plate Staph
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Storage temp.: +4-15 °C
Transport temp.: cooled

Sterile culture medium plates for the microbiological analysis of liquid samples.

The plates are prepared with our tried and tested dehydrated media mixtures.

The Mannitol Salt Agar (Chapman Agar) (Art. No. CL81) is recommended by the Ph.Eur. for isolation of pathogenic staphylococci.

Roti®-Aquatest Plates are prepared culture media plates with a diameter of 55 mm. They are thus adapted to the size of membrane filters for assaying of low-germ fluids by membrane filtration method. They are also applicable for the microbiological analysis of samples in general.

The germs of expected low-germ liquid samples are concentrated by membrane filtration. Afterwards, the membrane is placed on top of the medium and incubated. Using a membrane with a grid helps counting the resulting colonies.

Fig.: Example of use of Roti®-Aquatest Plate PCA

Samples which are expected to have a higher microbiological burden are prepared in a serial dilution. Afterwards, every dilution step is plated and incubated. The number of grown colonies is noted as result.

Expiration time on request.

Do NOT freeze!

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Roti®-Aquatest Plate Staph

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Technical information

Pancreatic digest of casein5 g/l
Peptone (peptic digest of animal tissue)5 g/l
Beef extract1 g/l
Sodium chloride (NaCl)75 g/l
D-Mannitol10 g/l
Phenol red0,025 g/l
Agar15 g/l
pH value7,4 ±0,2
Growth of test strainscomplies
Diameter55 mm


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