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Roti®-ContiPlate RBC

ready-to-use, sterile, for microbiology
For counting yeasts and moulds on surfaces.

Roti<sup>®</sup>-ContiPlate RBC
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Storage temp.: +4-15 °C
Transport temp.: cooled

Sterile culture medium contact plates for the microbiological analysis of surfaces.

The Bengal Red Agar (with chloroamphenicol) (Art. No. AE24) is recommended for enumeration of yeasts and moulds.

Roti®-ContiPlates are culture media plates with a diameter of 60 mm. The domed agar surface is especially suitable for analyzing the microbiological status of surfaces.

In the box, each 6 plates are packaged in a blister in discrete compartments. Thus, the sterile plates can be obtained individually.

The plate is gently pressed onto the surface for some seconds. Afterwards the plate is closed with the lid and incubated. The grid on the bottom of the plate helps interpreting the results.

Expiration time on request.

Do NOT freeze!

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Hazard symbol 
Danger H318

Roti®-ContiPlate RBC

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Technical information

Glucose10 g/l
Peptone5 g/l
Potassium phosphate1 g/l
Magnesium sulphate (MgSO4)0,5 g/l
Chloroamphenicol0,1 g/l
Bengal red0,05 g/l
Agar15 g/l
pH value7,2 ±0,2
Colourintense pink
Growth of test strainscomplies
Diameter60 mm


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