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Tryptophane Culture Broth

DEV, EN ISO 9308-1:2000, for microbiology
For the detection of E. coli in foods and water samples by indole production.
Application: Use 16 g for 1 l broth.

Storage temp.: +20 °C

Escherichia transform lactose under acid production via β-galactosidase, and are negative in oxidase test and positive in indole production test. Kovac Reagent (Art. No. 2950.1) is added to 24-48 h old cultures in a concentration of 0.2 to 0.5 ml per 5 ml broth. A colour shift to dark red shows presence of indole.

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Tryptophane Culture Broth

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Technical information

Guarantee analysis:
Casein, tryptic digest10 g/l
L-Tryptophan1 g/l
Sodium chloride (NaCl)5 g/l
pH value7,5 ±0,1


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