061 - 712 11 60 (Switzerland)

Roti®fair SDS 0.5 g

0,5 g/tablet, for biochemistry, molecular biology and electrophoresis
Anionic detergent for preparation of bioanalytical solutions.
10 % SDS solution is prepared by dissolution of 1 tablet in 5 ml highly pure water. Concentrations of 0,05-20 % may be prepared.
SDS (tablet), Sodium dodecyl sulphate, Sodium lauryl sulphate, Dodecyl sulphate sodium salt, Lauryl sulphate sodium salt, SLS

ADR 4.1 III • WGK 2
UN-Nr. 1325

Exactly pre-weighed tablets for convenient and rapid preparation of SDS solution.

Roti®fair SDS 0.5g may also be used for preparation of SDS containing solutions, by adding the favoured number of SDS tablets directly during preparation of the solution.

Prepared solution may be sterilized by filtration (0,22 µm). The solution should be stored at room temperature. SDS-stock solution and solutions containing SDS should not be cooled below 24 °C otherwise the SDS may precipitate. The crystals can be easily resolubilised by heating them between 30 to 50 °C.

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Hazard symbol  Hazard symbol  Hazard symbol 
Danger H228-H302+H332-H315-H318-H335-H412

Roti®fair SDS 0.5 g

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Technical information

Prepared solution contains when prepared in deionized or distilled water: SDS in favoured concentration, dependent on the amount of water used.


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