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100 bp-DNA-Fluoro-Ladder

ready-to-use, pre-dyed with EvaGreen®-fluorescent dye
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Markers (DNA-gels)
Storage temp. -20 °C
Transport temp. ambient temp.

Size range: 100-1000 bp
Number of fragments: 10
Number of lanes per ml: approx. 200 (mini gels)

The marker is an ideal addition to the with EvaGreen® prestained gel loading buffer ROTI®-Load DNAstain 2 (Art. No. 5784).

Volume supplied: 50 µg DNA in 500 µl buffer solution

The bands of the marker are prestained with the fluorescent dye EvaGreen®, which has been ...
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Art. No. 8264.1

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Product details

The bands of the marker are prestained with the fluorescent dye EvaGreen®, which has been developed specifically for DNA analysis. Due to the low membrane permeability of the dye, the marker is non mutagenic, non-toxic, and environment friendly. It can be excited by UV- and blue light, making it fully compatible with standard UV-transilluminators as well as with modern blue-light illumination (see also Rotiphorese® PROfessional runVIEW, Art. No. 4849.1). When excited, the nucleic acid-bound dye emits a brightly coloured green fluorescence that may be documented by all usual broadband ethidium bromide filters or SYBR® Green foto filters.


100 bp-DNA-Fluoro-Ladder ready-to-use, pre-dyed with EvaGreen®-fluorescent dye

Regular DNA ladder for the analysis of small DNA fragments.
Delivered in ready-to-use format for direct application to gels. The 500 bp fragment has been enhanced for easy analysis of the gel. Orange G and xylene cyanole were included as tracking dyes.


Excitation maximum (bound to DNA): approx. 320 nm and 470-500 nm

Emission maximum (bound to DNA): 525 nm

Technical Information
Max. excitation (DNA-bound) ca. 320 nm
470-500 nm
Number of fragments 10 
Amount of traces ~200/ml 
Emissions max. (DNA-bound) 525 nm 
Staining fluorescent/green 
Size range 100-1000 ppt
Quantification possible 
Dispatch ready-to-use 
Reinforced bands at 500 bp 
100 bp-DNA-Fluoro-Ladder
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