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Ribonuclease A, 1 g

90 U/mg (Kunitz), BioScience Grade, salt-free
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Molar mass (M) ~13 700 g/mol
Storage temp. -20 °C
Transport temp. ambient temp.
CAS No. [9001-99-4]
EG-Nr. 232-646-6

Acc. to Hirs, extracted from bovine pancreas.
Stock solution: 10 mg/ml in water (pH ≤6,0) or 0,01 M sodium acetate (pH 5,2). Do not heat RNAse prepared in sodium acetate.

Extracted from bovine pancreas for RNA separation, especially when isolating RNAfree DNA. The enzyme ...
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Type analysis
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Art. No. 7156.3

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Product details

Ribonuclease A 90 U/mg (Kunitz), BioScience Grade, salt-free

Extracted from bovine pancreas for RNA separation, especially when isolating RNAfree DNA. The enzyme cleaves RNA and produces 3' terminal nucleoside phosphates.
This quality product for molecular biology is free from salt, without proteases and is chromatographically homogeneous. Unit definition acc. to Kunitz.

The DNAse content of the RNAse powder ist below detection limit. However, we nevertheless recommend pretreatment of the ribonuclease prior to using it for DNA isolation. DNAse free RNAse ist prepared by dissolution of the RNAse powder in water, followed by cooking of the solubilised ribonuclease aliquots for 15 min. Let cool to room temperature on bench top.

Directions for use

Working solution: 2-10 µg/ml in 10 mM Tris (pH 7,5), 15 mM NaCl.
Note: RNAse precipitates when concentrated solutions are heated/cooked at pH ≥7,0. Store solution in aliquots at -20 °C

Ribonuclease A
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Type analysis

Appearancewhite, freeze-dried powder  
Assay (IEC, Amberlit CG50)>95 %  
Solubility (2 mg/ml, H2O)clear, soluble  
Activity (Kunitz)~90 U/mg  
DNAsenot detected  
Proteasenot detected  

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