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Erlenmeyer flasks ROTILABO® with ground glass joint, 100 ml, 19/26

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Material: Borosilicate glass 3.3.
Standard ground glass joint

With ground glass joint.
Product details

CHF174.60/Pack Qty. 

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Art. No. X770.1

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Product details

Material: Borosilicate glass 3.3.

With ground glass joint.

Erlenmeyer flasks ROTILABO® with ground glass joint 

Technical Information
Volume 100 ml
Ø Outer flask 51 mm
Height 105 mm
Standard ground glass joint 19/26 
Erlenmeyer flasks ROTILABO® with ground glass joint
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Order No. Volume Standard ground glass joint Pack Qty. Price Quantity
X770.1 100 ml 19/26 10 unit(s) CHF174.60
Y684.1 2.000 ml 29/32 6 unit(s) CHF191.75
Y644.1 50 ml 14/23 10 unit(s) CHF152.90
NT37.1 2.000 ml 45/50 6 unit(s) CHF206.10
NT34.1 200 ml 29/32 10 unit(s) CHF171.85
X778.1 1.000 ml 29/32 10 unit(s) CHF258.10
X779.1 1.000 ml 45/40 10 unit(s) CHF277.35
X776.1 500 ml 29/32 10 unit(s) CHF157.10
X773.1 250 ml 29/32 10 unit(s) CHF135.45
NT35.1 250 ml 14/23 10 unit(s) CHF173.40
NT36.1 500 ml 45/40 10 unit(s) CHF215.05
NT33.1 25 ml 19/26 10 unit(s) CHF99.55
X774.1 250 ml 45/40 10 unit(s) CHF204.55
Y643.1 25 ml 14/23 10 unit(s) CHF105.85
X769.1 50 ml 29/32 10 unit(s) CHF127.30
X771.1 100 ml 29/32 10 unit(s) CHF145.90
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