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Demoslides Fluoro-4C, 1 unit(s), 1 slide in preparation folder

ready-to-use, reference sample for fluorescence microscopy
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Fluorescent preparation Fluoro-4C
Storage temp. +4 °C

Glass slide with ready-to-use cell specimen. For fine tuning of fluorescent microscopes.
Avoid long and intensive exposure to UV light!

Durable test preparation of neuronal cells of a murine cell culture. Contains the markers Tubulin-Cy ...
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Type analysis

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Product details

Demoslides Fluoro-4C ready-to-use, reference sample for fluorescence microscopy

Durable test preparation of neuronal cells of a murine cell culture. Contains the markers Tubulin-Cy2, Nestin-Cy3 and DCX-Cy5 and in addition DAPI-stained nuclei. The specimens show 3D-structures in form of cell aggregates (spherules) and a network of planar cells. There is an intracellular co-localization between Tubulin-Cy2 and DCX-Cy5.
Ideal for testing or calibration of confocal laser scanning microscopes and other fluorescent microscopes. Excellent signal output and good photo stability. Ready to use for microscopy.

  • Stained with 4 fluorochromes
  • Planar and 3D cell structures
  • Excellent signal output
  • Good photo stability

3 fluorescent channels and DAPI
The specimen contains stained cell structures in three different spectra: green (Cy2), red (Cy3) and infrared (Cy5). All three channels can be illustrated isolated or superposed. DAPI staining of nuclei allows identification of single cells as well as apoptotic or mitotic nuclei (fig. C). If Cy5-signals of DCX are displayed in red co-localization with Tubulin (Cy2-green) becomes visible as yellow signal (fig. A).

Demoslide Fluoro-4C scanned by a 20x objective lens (100 μm) and a 63x objective lens (20 μm) of a laser scanning microscope (marker: Tubulin-Cy2-green; Nestin-Cy3-red; DCX-Cy5-magenta; DAPI-blue).

Notes on storage

Every Fluoro-4C preparation is mounted on a slide and covered with a cover slip for long-term storing. It is delivered in a preparation board.
Please store the slides in the dark. Storage at room temperature is sufficient. However, for longer periods without usage we recommend usual slide boxes stored in the refrigerator.
Allow the boxes to achieve room temperature before opening and removing the slides and avoid frequent temperature changes.

Illustration of the 3 fluorescent channels of Tubulin-Cy2 (B), Nestin-Cy3 (C) and DCX-Cy5 (D), each in combination with DAPI. Figure A shows the combination of all 3 channels. Objective lens: 63x; bar: 20 μm

Demoslides Fluoro-4C
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