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Current delivery situation

Dear Customers,

Unfortunately, we are still unable to confirm an exact delivery date for some of our products, which are temporarily out of stock and which we are in the process of procuring or producing. 

We are still working on processes and options to be able to give you more precise dates, but our efforts are currently being significantly hampered by the volatile conditions currently seen on the global market.

We would like to take the opportunity to clarify the current market situation for you:

As we keep hearing, the entire globally networked economy is being confronted by extreme conditions brought about by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the negative trends in the energy sector, worldwide logistic problems, a growing skills deficit, material shortages and a scarcity of resources, not to mention the impact of Covid-19 regulations. 

Though our expert procurement and logistics management, we are doing everything in our power to keep any potential price adjustments and delivery delays to an absolute minimum. The following product groups are particularly impacted by the conditions stated above: 

  • Products made from or containing plastic or glass
  • Products with electronic components
  • Products made from or containing metal constructions
  • Products made from cellulose
  • Products made from or containing chemical raw materials
  • Products subject to complex logistic conditions

Since these impacts on delivery times and prices are beyond our control and, according to latest predictions, likely to be with us for some time, we are unfortunately unable to make any binding forecasts regarding when we will again be able to provide binding delivery times and/or stable prices as usual. 

We would like to thank you for your understanding, for your trust in us and for your loyalty to Carl Roth