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Hygiene monitoring

In recent years, the prevention of infection, environmental, residential and communal hygiene have become very important even in day-to-day life. Today, hygiene monitoring equipment is installed, required and, in some cases, has already been prescribed by law in institutions, facilities and a variety of other areas. This includes medical facilities, the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacies, waterworks and swimming pools, sports facilities and schools, hotels, gastronomy and industrial kitchens, industries that use cooling towers, food retailing and production, and much more. 

The objective of hygiene monitoring is always to reduce the risk of contamination for people, the environment, products and processes to a minimum. Focuses here are cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, followed by monitoring the success of cleaning and decontamination.  

​​​​​​​Roth offers you a diverse range of products for hygiene monitoring, both for professional microbiological analysis and for quick and easy use by trained laypersons or for training and internships.

Our team will gladly be available to you for a personal technical consultation:

For questions on hygiene (cleaning, sterilisation and disinfection):

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E-Mail: applications@carlroth.de

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For questions on monitoring (laboratory microbiology, swabs and rapid tests, cooling water and evaporating units):

Phone: +49 721 / 5606 - 513

E-Mail: lifescience@carlroth.de

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