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ROTI®-MagBeads Streptavidin, 2 ml

10 mg/ml, ready-to-use, for biochemistry
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Storage temp. +4 °C

Magnetic silica gel beads for isolation of biotin-coupled biomolecules.

Type analysis

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Product details

ROTI®-MagBeads Streptavidin 10 mg/ml, ready-to-use, for biochemistry

  • Easy and standardized handling
  • Superior binding capacity of up to 3-7 nMol/mg
  • Applicable for a wide variety of buffers and media
  • For cell sorting, purification of proteins/nucleic acids and immunoassays

Roti®-MagBeads Streptavidin is a matrix for simple and efficient binding followed by subsequent isolation of biotinylated compounds such as proteins and peptides, nucleic acids, antibodies and other biomolecules. Also useful for positive or negative cell sorting. The magnetic properties enable easy and quick washing steps, allowing one preparation to take place in approx. 10 mins.

The small bead size of 1 µm in average provides a large surface with excellent binding capacities. Handling is easy and identical to standardized protocols for beads of other suppliers, providing easy establishment of the assays. The absence of excess streptavidin ensures specific binding to the beads and low loss of samples. Results are well reproducible with high recovery rates. Beads are compatible with down-stream applications like sequencing and in vitro transcription.


Directions for use

The Matrix of Roti®-MagBeads Streptavidin consists of uniform, superpara-magnetic silica beads coated with covalently coupled streptavidin. In those beads, nanometer-sized particles of magnetic iron(II/III)oxide are embedded in silicium oxide, resulting in high magnetic mobility. The surface is made from pure streptavidin-silicium oxide.

Well suited for automated and manual applications.

ROTI®-MagBeads Streptavidin
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Type analysis

Concentration10 ±0,5 mg/ml
Size distribution0,7-1,4 µm
Mean particle sizing (CI90 %)1,0 ±0,05 µm
Bead number6-12 x 10^9 Beads/ml
Magnetic iron content≥50 %
Biotin binding capacity3-7 nMol/mg
Suspension in PBS (pH 7,4); 0,05 % Tween® 20; 0,05 % sodium azide

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