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Silicone anti-foaming emulsion 30, 2.5 l

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Density (D) ~1 g/cm³

Useful as anti-foaming agent in aqueous solutions of surfactants. The antifoam emulsion consists 30 % of polydimethylsiloxane in water and modified inorganic components. It applies to entire range of pH in non-ionic, cationic and anionic solutions. Above about pH 10, a time- and temperature-dependent reduction of the defoaming effect is to be expected.
Admixture upwards of 30 ppm. The antifoam emulsion must be homogenized by shaking briefly prior to use. When diluting, the emulsion should be placed in the vessel and the required amount of water added while stirring gently. Rapid stirring or shaking should be avoided. Shake well before using!

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Silicone anti-foaming emulsion 30
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Appearancewhite liquid
Defoaming effect (30 sec.)≤80 mm
Solids after 30 min./120 °C42,0-49,0 %