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Capillary pipettes minicaps, 20 µl, black

From  Hirschmann
Material: DURAN® glass.
Colour coding

Purpose: Removal of samples from the human body.
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Art. No. L926.2

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Product details

Material: DURAN® glass.

Purpose: Removal of samples from the human body.

  • Independent filling via capillary action (end-to-end)
  • Not heparinised
  • According to ISO 7550
  • Correctness 0.5%
  • Variation coefficient 1%
  • Conformity certified

Capillary pipettes minicaps 

In vitro diagnostic medical device according to IVDD
Technical Information
Volume 20 µl
Colour coding black 
Length 30 mm
Tolerance ±0,5 mm
Ø Internal 0,92 mm
Ø External 1,40 mm
Pack. 10 x 100 
Capillary pipettes minicaps
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L920.2 3 µl yellow 1000 unit(s) €97.15
L923.2 5 µl white 1000 unit(s) €97.15
L919.2 2 µl red 1000 unit(s) €97.15
L926.2 20 µl black 1000 unit(s) €97.15
L918.2 0,5 µl black 1000 unit(s) €97.15
0771.2 1 µl blue 1000 unit(s) €98.15
L921.2 3,33 µl yellow 1000 unit(s) €97.15
L922.2 4 µl green 1000 unit(s) €97.15
L924.2 6,66 µl natural 1000 unit(s) €97.15
L925.2 10 µl orange 1000 unit(s) €97.15
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General information

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Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)

Although the principle of thin-layer chromatography is more than a century old, it did not make its breakthrough as an analytical method until about 50 years ago.
Thanks to the development of new sorbents and supports, as well as increasing instrumentation and automation, TLC has become a versatile separation method. It is used both in qualitative analysis and in quantitative analysis.
Applications range from simple manual separation processes in classic TLC to automated processes in HPTLC (high performance thin layer chromatography).

Advantages of thin layer chromatography:

  • Higher sample throughput in less time
  • Suitable for screening tests
  • Pilot process for HPLC
  • The ready-to-use TLC layer functions as a data storage device for separation results
  • The separated substances can be used later for further analysis (e.g. IR, MS)
  • By switching the mobile and the stationary phases, the separation process can be optimised quickly and cost-efficient

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