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2-Propanol, 1 l, plastic

ROTIPURAN® ≥99,8 %, p.a., ACS, ISO
Examples of effect: Flammable; liquids form compounds with the air which can become explosive; produce flammable gases with water or can self-combust. Safety: Keep away from open flames and sources of heat; close containers tightly; store in a fire-safe manner.
Examples of effect: Lead to damage to heath, cause irritation to eyes, skin or respiratory organs. Are fatal in larger quantities. Safety: As previously stated, in the event of skin irritation or contact with eyes, rinse with water or a suitable medium.
i highly flammable liquid and vapour, causes serious eye irritation, may cause drowsiness or dizziness
P210 P233 P305+P351+P338
i keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. No smoking, keep container tightly closed, IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing
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2-Hydroxypropane, Isopropyl alcohol, IPA, Isopropanol, Dimethyl carbinol
Empirical formula C3H8O
Molar mass (M) 60,10 g/mol
Density (D) 0,79 g/cm³
Boiling point (bp) 83 °C
Flash point (flp) 12 °C
Melting point (mp) -89 °C
CAS No. [67-63-0]
EG-Nr. 200-661-7
UN-Nr. 1219

Isopropanol as clearing agent
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Product details

Isopropanol as clearing agent

Isopropanol is well suited as clearing agent for paraffin-embedding, because it is compatible to melted paraffin: After dehydrating with isopropanol the sample is incubated in a mixture of isopropanol abs. and paraffin (1:1) at approx. 60 °C. After a further incubation step with pure paraffin, the sample is embedded as usual.
This method is particularly suitable to smooth organs. Since embedding can start immediately after alcohol step, the working process is shortened significantly.

2-Propanol ROTIPURAN® ≥99,8 %, p.a., ACS, ISO

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General information

Acid Value Determination

The acid number characterises the acidic components of the fats. For this purpose, the sample is dissolved in a solvent and titrated against phenolphthalein with potassium hydroxide solution. Only free fatty acids are recorded. The fatty acids bound in the glycerides are not determined.

Certificates of Analysis

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The following analysis certificates have been found:

Guarantee analysis

Assay (GC)≥99,8 %
Colour (Hazen)≤10
Acidity≤0,0001 meq/g
Solubility in H2Ocomplies
Density (d 20 °C/4 °C)0,784-0,787
Water≤0,05 %
Acetone (GC)≤0,01 %
Ethanol (GC)≤0,01 %
Methanol (GC)≤0,01 %
Evaporation residue≤0,001 %
Carbonylic compounds (as CO)≤0,002 %
Matter discoloured by H2SO4 (Hazen)≤10
Aluminium (Al)≤0,00005 %
Barium (Ba)≤0,00001 %
Lead (Pb)≤0,00001 %
Boron (B)≤0,000002 %
Cadmium (Cd)≤0,000005 %
Calcium (Ca)≤0,00005 %
Chromium (Cr)≤0,000002 %
Iron (Fe)≤0,00001 %
Cobalt (Co)≤0,000002 %
Copper (Cu)≤0,000002 %
Magnesium (Mg)≤0,00001 %
Manganese (Mn)≤0,000002 %
Nickel (Ni)≤0,000002 %
Zinc (Zn)≤0,00001 %
Tin (Sn)≤0,00001 %

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