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Scintillation vials Volume 6.5 ml, HDPE, 2

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Material: HDPE, Closure made of PP.

All-purpose vials for liquid and gamma scintillation counters or for sample storage. Cylindrical shape allows easy filling and residue-free drainage. Leak-proof.
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Art. No. AYX4.1

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Product details

Material: HDPE, Closure made of PP.

All-purpose vials for liquid and gamma scintillation counters or for sample storage. Cylindrical shape allows easy filling and residue-free drainage. Leak-proof.

Scintillation vials Volume 6.5 ml 

Type 2 vials made from HDPE with PP caps or type 3 vials made from transparent PP with HDPE caps. Opening or inner Ø 12 mm. Special push-on cap for quick closing, can be opened again with a quarter turn.

Not a medical device / Not an IVD product
Technical Information
Vol. 6.5 ml
Material HDPE 
Ø ext. 16 mm
Height 57 mm
Scintillation vials Volume 6.5 ml
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General information

Advantages of ROTISZINT® scinitillation cocktails

The composition of the ROTISZINT® cocktails is modern and does not contain NPE (nonylphenylethoxylates, subject to REACH). The cocktails thus comply with the Directive 2003/53/EC of the European Parliament and Council.
NPE has been replaced by a combination of several reagents specifically adapted to the respective use. The cocktails can thus be used in a targeted manner and give very high counting yields.

All new ROTISZINT® cocktails are biodegradable. Due to the low vapour pressure of the solvent, there is no odour nuisance, the solution is difficult to ignite and economical in consumption. ROTISZINT® shows excellent quench resistance, good sample stability, no chemiluminescence and no diffusion through plastic vials.

  • High counting efficiency
  • Low quenching
  • Flame retardant
  • NPE free
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-hazardous to the environment
  • Non carcinogenic
  • According to 2003/53/ECC

Application of modern ROTISZINT® scintillation cocktails

The ROTISZINT® scintillation cocktails of the next generation are modern, versatile, ready-to-use scintillation cocktails for liquid scintillation (LSC) of β-emitters (e.g. 3H, 14C, 32P , 35S). The ROTISZINT® scintillation cocktails are applicable for scintillation of aqueous samples in the entire biological, biochemical and chemical field.

Wide excitation range between 190 and 370 nm
emission maximum: 420-430 nm
The modern ROTISZINT® cocktails contain the same reagents as primary and secondary scintillators that were used in ROTISZINT®Eco plus. Thus, neither the excitation nor the detection wavelength change for the application.

We still recommend to use the same scintillation protocol in the first approaches with one of the new ROTISZINT® cocktails that was previously used with cocktail 0016. In many cases, the parameters are directly transferable. If the scintillation results are not satisfactory at first, the sample quantity (the ratio sample / cocktail) can be rebalanced.

For advisory support, please contact the contact persons known to you or our product management on (tel.) 0721 5606 522.

Easy application by means of dispensers

ROTISZINT® Cocktails are supplied in black plastic bottles that can be used as stand-up containers. They allow safe and space-saving storage and use.
With a practical dispenser, you can conveniently and safely take out the amount of cocktail you need at any time. We recommend the use of ROTILABO®Dispensers (Art. No. HAC6.1-HAC9.1, HAE0.1 oder HAE1.1) and telescopic suction pipe (Art. No. AA92.1).
To withdraw the entire liquid, you can easily replace the inner withdrawal tube with a longer Teflon® or polyethylene tube (6 mm innerØ), or use the telescopic suction tube (order no. AA92.1).