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Ion exchange resin ROTI®Change 1 x 4, 25 g

50-100 mesh, analytical grade, Cl--form
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Anion exchanger
Density (D) 1,12 g/cm³

Highly basic anion exchanger

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Product details

Ion exchange resin ROTI®Change 1 x 4 50-100 mesh, analytical grade, Cl--form

Technical Information
Particle size 50-100 mesh
Ion exchange resin ROTI®Change 1 x 4
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Downloads / MSDS

General information

Ion Exchanger

The ion exchanger offered in our range differ depending on their application and requirements. Three different types are available:

  • Mixed bed ion exchanger
  • Cation and anion exchanger
  • Cation and anion exchanger for analytical purposes
  • Water treatment
  • Pharmaceutical industry and biochemistry
  • Production and purifying of chemicals
  • Classical laboratory analysis

ROTI®Change Ion Exchanger

Our product range ROTI®Change contains ion exchanger, which are particularly suitable for analytical as well as special industrial applications. The corresponding high-purity resins for anyltical purposes are polystyrene based resins were specially purified to reduce extractable residues to less than 1 mg/g resin.

Anion exchange resins

Our analytical anion exchange resins are available as 4 % and 8 % divinylbenzene (DVB) cross-linked polymers but with quaternary amines as active groups. All anion exchange resins are provided in chloride (Cl-) form. Typical applications are: exchange of anions of salts; cyclic nucleotide assays and fractionation of organic acids.

Conversion of the Mesh-sizes in millimetres

mesh mm
20 0,84
50 0,30
100 0,15
200 0,08
400 0,04

Certificates of Analysis

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The following analysis certificates have been found:

Type analysis

Appearancewhite to yellow grain
Particle size (mesh)50-100
Extractables<1 mg/g resin
Capacity (eq/l)≥1,0
Counter ionCl-
Matrix: Polystyrene - DVB; Active group: Quaternary ammonium compound type I.