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Dowex® 1 X 2, 100 g

200-400 mesh, Cl--form
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Anion exchangers
CAS No. [9085-42-1]

highly basic anion exchanger

Type analysis

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Art. No. 0304.1

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Dowex® 1 X 2
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General information

Dowex® Ion Exchanger

Anion exchanger, highly basic
Ion exchanger on a microporous styrene DVB copolymerisate base
Active group: quaternary ammonium compound type I

Cation exchanger, highly acidic
Matrix: polystyrene - DVB
Active group: sulphonate

Ion Exchanger

The ion exchanger offered in our range differ depending on their application and requirements. Three different types are available:
• Mixed bed ion exchanger
• Classical cation and anion exchanger
• Cation and anion exchanger for analytical purposes

Typical applications:
• Water treatment
• Pharmaceutical industry and biochemistry
• Production and purifying of chemicals
• Classical laboratory analysis

Analysis certificates

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The following analysis certificates have been found:

Type analysis

Water capacity65-80 %  
Capacity (eq/l)≥0,6  
Counter ionCl-  
Particle size (mesh)
>70≤15 %  
<270≤15 %  
Ion exchanger on the basis of a microporous styrene DVB-copolymerisate.
Active group: Quaternary ammonium compound type I.

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