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ROTI®Block, 250 ml

10x conc., ready-to-use
Icon_ready-to-use Ready-to-use products and reagents
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Blocking reagents
Density (D) 1,086 g/cm³
Boiling point (bp) 100 °C
Storage temp. +15 to +25 °C
Transport temp. ambient temp.

Protein free blocking solution
Contains Tween® 20

Suitable for:
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Product details

Suitable for:
  • Western- and Far Western Analysis
  • Southern- and Northern-Blots
  • Dot-Blots
  • ELISA- and Sandwich-Assays
  • Precoating of ELISA-plates (incl. drying)
  • in situ hybridisation
  • Microarray hybridisation

In order to obtain high signal intensity, nonspecific antibody binding sites must be blocked. Whilst detergents are not effective as blocking agents, the addition of proteins such as BSA may mask specific binding sites.

ROTI®Block is an innovative, polymer-based blocking reagent which solves such problems. With ROTI®Block, the specific binding sites remain accessible while nonspecific reactions are suppressed, thus leading to an increase in signal intensity.

ROTI®Block 10x conc., ready-to-use

Figure: Western blotting of decreasing amounts (50 ng - 17 pg) of a bacterial extract including a 40 kDa protein. Probed by Anti His Serum (1:1.000) and Carl ROTH Anti Rabbit-HRP, blocking by means of ROTI®Block. Detection via chemoluminescence.

Directions for use

Included you will find a detailed instruction manual with protocols, e.g. for stripping ROTI®PVDF-membranes from bound probes without destabilising the blocking, which enables fast rescreening of the filter.
ROTI®Block also enables the blot to be Ponceau stained even after blocking.
For detection systems using antibodies specifically directed against protein-phosphorylations we recommend to test and optimise the blocking efficiency prior to assaying your samples.

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