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Blotting Accessories ROTIPHORESE® PROclamp MINI, Compression cassette (with 2 mats)


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Product details

Blotting Accessories ROTIPHORESE® PROclamp MINI 

Technical Information
Type Compression cassette (with 2 mats) 
Blotting Accessories ROTIPHORESE® PROclamp MINI
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3518.1 Compression cassette (with 2 mats) 1 unit(s)


3519.1 Blotting mats 4 pair


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Downloads / MSDS

General information

Transfer Recommendation

The power supply should be set to a defined current intensity resulting from the total transfer area. The voltage should be freely adjustable by the power supply.

We recommend for
Tank blotting: 2-4 mA / cm2
Semi-Dry blotting: 2-5 mA / cm2

Please also note the recommendations for the respective buffer system used.