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Semi Dry Blotter MAXI


For transfer of proteins and nucleic acids.
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Art. No. T788.1

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Product details

For transfer of proteins and nucleic acids.

  • Durable, corrosion-free electrodes
  • Fast, steady transfer
  • Minimum heat development
  • Low buffer use

The extremely constant electric field over the entire transfer surface guarantees optimal results with all transfer membranes.

As the electrodes are made of high-grade steel (cathode, lid) and platinised titanium (anode, base), they will last indefinitely if used correctly. There is no build-up of deposits on the transfer surface, the buffers cannot penetrate into the electrodes.

Semi Dry Blotter MAXI 

Technical Information
Type Semi Dry Blotter MAXI 
Transfer surface 20 × 20 cm 
Semi Dry Blotter MAXI
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Downloads / MSDS

General information

Transfer Recommendation

The power supply should be set to a defined current intensity resulting from the total transfer area. The voltage should be freely adjustable by the power supply.

We recommend for
Tank blotting: 2-4 mA / cm2
Semi-Dry blotting: 2-5 mA / cm2

Please also note the recommendations for the respective buffer system used.