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Tank Blotting System ROTIPHORESE® PROclamp MAXI


For the gentle transfer of proteins and nucleic acids
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Product details

For the gentle transfer of proteins and nucleic acids

  • Electro tank blotting system for blotting of up to 4 gels in parallel
  • Optimised hinged cassettes - for most easy handling and rapid blot set up
  • Module compatible with the vertical electrophoresis system ROTIPHORESE®PROclamp

The tank blotting system ROTIPHORESE®PROclamp is ideally suited for the gentle transfer of peptides and proteins of any size. It is ideal for large, temperature sensitive or native proteins.

The short distance between the electrodes ensures a constant high voltage over the entire transfer surface and reduces heat development. Open, reinforced cassettes guarantee optimal current flow and even blot contact. The colour coding of the cassettes and an asymmetrical lid ensure reliable blot build-up and correct power connection.

Tank Blotting System ROTIPHORESE® PROclamp MAXI 

  • Can be used with all gels of 20 × 20 cm in maximum
  • Compatible with the ROTIPHORESE®PROclamp MAXI unit for vertical electrophoresis (Art. No. 5769.1)

Delivery incl. 1 ROTIPHORESE®PROclamp MAXI buffer tank, safety lid with cables, removable cooling coil, and 1 PROclamp MAXI blotting module for max. 4 gels, incl. 4 cassettes and 18 fibre blotting mats.
Technical Information
Type Tank Blotting System MAXI 
Transfer surface Maximum 4 gels of 20 × 20 cm 
Tank Blotting System ROTIPHORESE® PROclamp MAXI
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Downloads / MSDS

General information

Transfer Recommendation

The power supply should be set to a defined current intensity resulting from the total transfer area. The voltage should be freely adjustable by the power supply.

We recommend for
Tank blotting: 2-4 mA / cm2
Semi-Dry blotting: 2-5 mA / cm2

Please also note the recommendations for the respective buffer system used.