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Centrifuge tubes without rim, 15 ml, Non-sterile

From  Kartell
Material: PP. Non-sterile
Packaging type

With raised graduations. Sterile (γ sterilised) with red cap or non-sterile with blue cap.
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Art. No. AN76.1

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Product details

Material: PP. Non-sterile

With raised graduations. Sterile (γ sterilised) with red cap or non-sterile with blue cap.

Centrifuge tubes without rim 

In vitro diagnostic medical device according to IVDD
Technical Information
Vol. 15 ml
Sterility Non-sterile 
Ø ext. 17 mm
Height 120 mm
Centrifugability in g (max.) 3,000 
Packaging type Bag 
Centrifuge tubes without rim
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Art. No. Vol. Sterility Packaging type Pack Qty. Price Quantity
AN77.1 15 ml Sterile Bag 150 unit(s)


AN79.1 50 ml Sterile Bag 100 unit(s)


AN76.1 15 ml Non-sterile Bag 150 unit(s)


AN78.1 50 ml Non-sterile Bag 100 unit(s)


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Downloads / MSDS

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General information

To calculate the number of revolutions:

RCF = 1,118 · 10-5 x rpm2 · r

The following factors are critical to the quality of laboratory glassware:

• The glassware and glass type

• The shape obtained during the production process

• Even distribution of wall thickness in all areas of the article (particularly in critical areas such as in the neck/shoulder area and at the transitions to the base). This ensures:

  - better mechanical stability

  - higher thermal shock resistance

  - freedom from stresses, which can cause the vessel to burst when heated

These quality characteristics not only increase safety for employees in the laboratory, but also extend the useful life of the laboratory glassware and protect valuable substances.