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Disposable gloves DermaShield® 73-721, Size: 7

From  Ansell
Icon_Cat-III Équipement de protection individuelle (EPI) de catégorie III pour la protection contre les risques majeurs tels que les blessures irréversibles et les dangers de mort.
Icon_Typ7_Schutzkl_radioakt_Strahlung Protection against contamination by radioactive particles(no protection against radioactive radiation)
Icon_BR_oVirus Protective gloves against risks caused by harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi.
Icon_CR_TypA Protective gloves against chemicals, Type A: Achieved at least performance level 2 against at least six test chemicals from the list of 18 reference chemicals.
Material: neoprene. Non-sterile

Acc. to EN 420, EN ISO 374-1/type A (KLMNPT), EN 421. AQL 0.,65.
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Art. No. XE50.1

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Product details

Material: neoprene. Non-sterile

Acc. to EN 420, EN ISO 374-1/type A (KLMNPT), EN 421. AQL 0.,65.

  • Non-powdered, green
  • High tech disposable gloves, available in sterile or non-sterile, suitable for use in controlled environments or cleanrooms
  • Free of latex proteins and vulcanisation accelerants
  • High wearing comfort and high flexibility
  • Anti-slip rolled edge for increased protection
  • Optimal product and user protection
  • Fingertips with bisque finish for enhanced tactile sensitivity
  • Length 310 mm, wall thickness 0,175 mm

Applications: drug production under aseptic conditions, biotechnology, production of medical equipment, handling cytostatic agents.

  • Optimal contamination protection is provided by triple packaging
  • PE bag printed with cleanroom-compatible IPA printing ink
  • Easy-to-open PE packaging

Disposable gloves DermaShield® 73-721 

Acc. to EN ISO 374-5. For controlled working environments.

  • 20 left-hand/right-hand gloves in separate chambers of a vacuum-sealed PE bag
  • 2 PE bags in vacuum-sealed PE master bag
  • 5 PE master bags per large bag, outer box

Technical Information
Length 310 mm
Colour green 
Disposable gloves DermaShield® 73-721
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