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ROTI®DipSlide PCA/Legionella

ISO 11133, ready-to-use, sterile, for microbiology
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Contact agar, Ready-made media
Storage temp. +4 °C
Transport temp. cooled

For total germ count and for detection of legionells in solution or on surface.
Expiration time on request.
Do NOT freeze!

Sterile dip slides with solid culture medium for easy microbiological analysis of solutions and surfaces.
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Product details


Sterile dip slides with solid culture medium for easy microbiological analysis of solutions and surfaces.

  • 2 in 1: Immersion culture media and impression agarEasy to useReliable assay and easy interpretationSuitable for determining the microbiological contamination and for hygiene controls in a variety of domainsIncluding detailed instructions-for-use

ROTI®DipSlides are made of a flexible plastic tongue which is coated with solid culture medium on both sides. Following dipping into the solution to be tested or inoculation by pressing to a surface, the slide is placed back into the sterile tube and incubated.

Total area for analysis is 11,44 cm2 per side.
Tube Ø: 2,9 cm.

Large quantity orders are freshly produced. Hence, longer delivery times may occur.

ROTI®DipSlide PCA/Legionella ISO 11133, ready-to-use, sterile, for microbiology

Side 1 (PCA): Plate Count Agar (acc. to APHA, ISO 4833:2003) (Art. No. X930) for total germ count.

Side 2 (Legionella): Legionella Agar (acc. to ISO 11731-2) (Art. No. CL48) for selective detection of legionells.

ROTI®DipSlide PCA/Legionella is suitable for the preliminary inspection of large-scale systems for heating drinking water, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, and water in evaporative cooling systems.

ROTI®DipSlide PCA/Legionella
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Agar side 1
Casein peptone5 g/l
Yeast extract2,5 g/l
Glucose1 g/l
Agar15 g/l
pH value7,0±0,2
Colouramber, slightly opalescent
Growth of test strainscomplies
Agar side 2
Yeast extract10 g/l
Charcoal activated2 g/l
GVPC selective additivecomplies
Growth additivecomplies
Agar13 g/l
Growth of test strainscomplies