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Desiccator ROTILABO® plastic, 2.15 l

Material: PP, PC lid.
Nominal volume

Suitable for use with water jet pumps.
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Product details

Material: PP, PC lid.

Suitable for use with water jet pumps.

Warning Desiccators:

When working with glass, the limits caused by mechanical stress and changes of temperature must be considered and the utmost precaution must be taken:Never subject glass equipment to sudden temperature changes, i.e. do not remove when hot from the drying cabinet and place on a cold or wet lab bench. This applies especially to thicker glass equipment, such as desiccators.To avoid mechanical stress in the glass, evacuated vessels and/or vessels under pressure may not be heated on one side only or with a naked flame.Glass vessels must be checked for flaws and defects prior to evacuation or pressure load (severe scratches, grooves, etc). Damaged glass vessels may not be used when working with vacuum or pressure.Never expose glass equipment to sudden pressure changes, e.g. do not aerate evacuated vessels instantly. Laboratory glass vessels with flat base (e.g. Erlenmeyer and flatbottomed flasks) may not be put under pressure or vacuum.

Desiccator ROTILABO® plastic 

Delivery incl. rubber seal made of neoprene, desiccator plate, insert for desiccants and vacuum tap.
Technical Information
Nominal volume 2.15 l
Ø Internal 150 mm
Usable height 135 mm
Total height 190 mm
Weight 520 g
Desiccator ROTILABO® plastic
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