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Dialysis membrane Membra-Cel™, 34 mm, 30 m

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Material: cellulose, regenerated. Autoclavable: yes.
Surface width

Colourless, transparent to slightly opaque, semi-permeable and seamless. Application area: Dialysis and ultrafiltration in the laboratory.
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Art. No. 1784.1

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Product details

Material: cellulose, regenerated. Autoclavable: yes.

Colourless, transparent to slightly opaque, semi-permeable and seamless. Application area: Dialysis and ultrafiltration in the laboratory.

  • Exclusion limit (MWCO) 14,000
  • Dry packaged on rolls, treated with glycerine
  • Stable in the pH range from 5 to 9
  • No unspecific protein binding, protein adsorption <1 ng/g
  • Autoclavable up to +120 °C (max. 15 min, immersed in distilled water)

Dialysis membrane Membra-Cel™ 

Not a medical device / Not an IVD product
Technical Information
MWCO 14000 dalton(s)
Surface width 34 mm
Ø 22 mm
Wall thickness 23 µm
Packaging type Roll 
Dialysis membrane Membra-Cel™
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1784.1 14000 Dalton 34 mm 30 m 1 unit(s)


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1785.1 14000 Dalton 44 mm 30 m 1 unit(s)


1781.1 14000 Dalton 10 mm 152 m 1 unit(s)


5358.1 14000 Dalton 77 mm 30 m 1 unit(s)


0654.1 14000 Dalton 34 mm 152 m 1 unit(s)


1780.1 14000 Dalton 10 mm 30 m 1 unit(s)


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General information

Microdialysis by Membrane Filter (Drop Dialysis)

Microvolumes of sample (5-100 μl) can also be dialysed by membrane filter discs made of cellulose mixed ester (pore size 0,025 μm, Art. No. CY35.1-CY37.1): Fill a Petri dish with dialysis buffer. Place the membrane filter disc on the surface of the solution (shiny side up, avoid bubbles under the filter) by using a stainless steel forceps. Float the membrane for ca. 5 min until it is completely soaked. Pipette the sample on the center of the filter. Due to the open pore structure of the membrane filter and the high surface-to-volume ratio the dialysis is done within a short time (mostly < 30 min). To avoid evaporation of the sample seal the Petri dish tightly during the procedure. In this way the sample volume remains nearly constant.

Filling volume for 15 cm tube length

Broadth (mm) 8 10 12 18 25 32 40 45 50 76 100 120
Tube Ø (mm) 5 6 8 11 16 20 25 29 32 48 64 76
Filling volume (ml) 3,1 4,8 7 15 30 49 76 97 119 276 478 688


Do not tie knots in regenerated cellulose. Closure clips must be used to avoid any changing of membrane or MWCO.

Appearance of dialysis membranes

Dry dialysis membranes have different appearances, dependent on pore size and wall thickness: Clear, opaque or even completely white.


Larger MWCO membranes are made slightly thicker to maintain membrane strength when the pores are larger.

The thicker the membrane and larger the pores, the more opaque. So the different membranes look as follows:

Dry membranes with MWCO

100-1000: clear

3 500-5 000: mostly clear

8 000-10 000: slightly opaque

20 000-50 000: opaque

≥100 000: white.

When the membrane is wetted with water the effect dissapears and the membrane becomes more clear.

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