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dNTP-Set 2, 4 x 25 µmol

≥99 % dATP, dUTP, dGTP, dCTP, 100 mM per dNTP
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Deoxynucleoside triphosphate set, Nucleotide set for PCR
Storage temp. -20 °C
Transport temp. cooled

For PCR and RT, nucleotide set composed of solutions of dATP, dUTP, dGTP, dCTP
Concentration: 100 mM per dNTP
Typical end concentration in PCR: 200 µM each

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Product details

  • Can be optimally combined with ROTI®Pol DNA polymerases from Carl ROTH
  • Tested for “long range PCR”
  • DNase-, RNase- and Protease-free
  • Free of PCR inhibitors like modified bases and tetra-pyrophosphate
  • Highly efficient enzymatic fabrication
  • Adjusted to pH 8,5 for superior stability even during larger numbers of freeze-and-thaw cycles
  • Also available as ready-to-use mix for contamination-free applications

All Carl ROTH nucleotides are manufactured from highest-quality reagents and are most thoroughly tested for quality. This testing procedure not only includes standard-PCR but also “long range PCR”, repeated quantitative light-cycling reactions, and tests for physical stability.

dNTP-Set 2 ≥99 % dATP, dUTP, dGTP, dCTP, 100 mM per dNTP
Suitable for

PCR, light-cycling, cDNA synthesis, labelling and primer extension, mutagenesis assays, sequencing and in vitro transcription.

dNTP-Set 2
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