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Earmuffs 3M™ Peltor™ X4

From  3M
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Manufacturer no.

Acc. to EN 352-1.
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Art. No. HLN9.1

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Product details

Acc. to EN 352-1.

  • Modern and attractive slim design
  • Double band design for better balance and greater comfort
  • Low weight
  • Soft, wide sealing rings reduce the pressure on the ears and enhance wear comfort
  • Innovative new attenuating pads and intermediate rings ensure improved attenuation
  • New, patented foam in the sealing rings for effective protection
  • The cups offer abundant space inside to minimize heat and moisture
  • The sealing rings and inserts are easy to replace, for easy cleaning of the cups
  • The headband of the earmuffs is dielectric (electrically insulated). The metal parts of the headband are coated with a conductive material, which means that the hearing protection an also be used with a low electrical voltage (less than 440 V AC)

Earmuffs 3M™ Peltor™ X4 

With narrow cups. For use against high noise levels in a wide range of industries.

Technical Information
Manufacturer no. X4A 
SNR value 33 db
H value 36 db
M value 30 db
L value 22 db
Earmuffs 3M™ Peltor™ X4
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