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Signal Enhancer Western/ELISA Set, 2 x 250 ml

for immunochemistry
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Enhancer solution
Storage temp. +4 °C
Transport temp. cooled

For enhancement of immunochemical detection signals on blot membranes and in ELISA.
One set with 250 ml each is sufficient for optimization of approx. 25 minigel blots.

Kit for amplification of immunochemical detection signals on blot membranes and in ELISA.
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Art. No. 9211.1

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Product details

Kit for amplification of immunochemical detection signals on blot membranes and in ELISA.

  • Strong enhancement of signal strength
  • Most easy application

The Signal Enhancer Western/ELISA enhances antigen-antibody reactions in a variety of immunoassays such as Western blotting, dot blotting and ELISA. It can significantly enhance detection of weak immunoreactive and low abundance target proteins and is well compatible with all common assay versions, membranes and ELISA plates.
Signal enhancement is dependent on several parameters such as the particular antigen/antibody pair, the particular detection enzyme, the substrate chosen and so on. In most cases, however, the signal strength is about 5 to 10fold higher than with the substrate alone.

Compatible with:
  • Western and ELISA
  • HRP and AP
  • all common membranes
  • all common substrates

For application, the two solutions Signal Enhancer Western/ELISA-1 and -2 are simply used as buffer solutions for preparation of the primary- and secondary antibody incubation solutions. Following incubation and washing, all common detection procedures may be applied, for instance colour staining with ROTI®DAB-Kit (Art. No. 9202) or chemoluminescent staining with ROTI®Lumin plus (Art. No. 3692).

Signal Enhancer Western/ELISA Set for immunochemistry

Figure 1: Western blot. Detection of Rac1 in an extract from rat cortical primary neurons (1, 2 and 3 µg, Rac1 protein size 16 kDa) on PVDF. Detection via murine anti-Rac1 and anti-mouse-HRP.
A: Base method w/o enhancer, B: Detection via Signal Enhancer Western/ELISA
With kind permission of Dr. K. Ishizuka, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

The kit contains

Signal Enhancer Western/ELISA-1 (Art. No. 9213) and Signal Enhancer Western/ELISA-2 (Art. No. 9214). 1 Mini-Set: 2 x 50 ml, 1 Set: 2 x 250 ml.

Signal Enhancer Western/ELISA Set
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