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Erlenmeyer flasks DURAN® Super Duty Narrow neck, 25 ml

From  DWK Life Sciences
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Material: DURAN® glass. Autoclavable: yes.

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Product details

Material: DURAN® glass. Autoclavable: yes.

  • Proven DURAN® properties
  • Glass type I, neutral glass according to USP, EP and JP
  • High mechanical stability
  • Reinforced, stable rim
  • Regular wall thickness
  • Autoclavable, sterilisable
  • With retrace code
  • Easily readable scale
  • Fired-on highly durable labelling

Notes for use:

To avoid thermal stresses in the glass, uniform and slow heating of Super Duty products is recommended. When working at very high temperatures, or if rapid temperature changes are expected, standard DURAN® beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks should be used, as these have excellent thermal shock resistance. However, their mechanical sturdiness is limited compared with the Super Duty range.

Erlenmeyer flasks DURAN® Super Duty Narrow neck 

Technical Information
Vol. 25 ml
Ø Outer flask 42 mm
Ø Outer neck 22 mm
Height 75 mm
Erlenmeyer flasks DURAN® Super Duty Narrow neck
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