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Platinum wire in glass rod

melted down
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Empirical formula Pt
Molar mass (M) 195,08 g/mol
Density (D) 21,45 g/cm³
Boiling point (bp) 3827 °C
Melting point (mp) 1772 °C
CAS No. 7440-06-4
EG-Nr. 231-116-1

For tests on flame colouring, spectroscopy, etc.
Glass rod 100 x 3 mmPt wire 50 x 0.2 mm

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Art. No. 23XE.1

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Platinum wire in glass rod
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General information

Flame colours of some metals

Metal without glass with glass
Barium (Ba) yellow green blue green
Calcium (Ca) brick red light green
Caesium (Cs) blue -
Potassium (K) violet crimson
Copper (Cu) green -
Lithium (Li) red -
Sodium (Na) yellow -
Rubidium (Rb) violet -
Strontium (Sr) crimson violet