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Flash cartridges CHROMABOND® RS SiOH, 15 g, 11.6 cm, 21.2 mm

From  Macherey-Nagel
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Product details

CHROMABOND® Flash RS SiOH Cartridges

CHROMABOND® Flash RS SiOH are known for fast and economical chromatographic purifications in industry. The ready-to-use Flash columns (cartridges) are packed with highly pure silica (acid washed).

  • Increased analytical safety: Organic solvent restistant, low bleed cartridges, thick column walls, one piece body, sophisticated length-to-diameter ratio for high plate numbers and excellent separation efficiencies. Distribution of eluent stream via highly porous frits.
  • High pressure stability: Up to 21 bar for cartridges <40 bar, up to 15 bar for 80 g and 120 g cartridges, up to 12 bar for cartridges >200 g
  • High quality standard: All flash cartridges and adsorbents undergo comprehensive during- and after-production quality assurance measures to ensure that the products conform to the specification.
  • Adsorbent weights: 15 g to 330 g.

  • Loadability:

Average loadability per cartridge (g)
SiOH cartridge Difficult separation Easy speparation
RS 15 0,15 1,5
RS 25 0,25 2,5
RS 40 0,4 4
RS 80 0,8 8
RS 120 1,2 12
RS 200 2 20
RS 330 3,3 33

Flash cartridges CHROMABOND® RS SiOH 

  • Female Luer lock inlet and male Luer outlet
  • Adsorbent: standard silica, unmodified (SiOH)
  • Particle size: 40-63 µm, specific surface 500 m²/g
  • pH stability: 2-8

Technical Information
Column length 11,6 cm
Ø Internal 21,2 mm
Filling quantity 15 g
Flash cartridges CHROMABOND® RS SiOH
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8664.1 15 g 11,6 cm 21,2 mm 20 unit(s) €151.90
8670.1 25 g 16,5 cm 21,2 mm 15 unit(s) €151.90
8674.1 40 g 17,1 cm 26,4 mm 15 unit(s) €196.90
8675.1 80 g 24 cm 30,8 mm 12 unit(s) €252.45
8681.1 120 g 25,2 cm 36 mm 10 unit(s) €251.60
8708.1 200 g 20 cm 60 mm 6 unit(s) €362.95
8714.1 330 g 27 cm 60 mm 4 unit(s) €417.90
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General information

Further attractive products to complete your chromatography laboratory can be found on our Chromatography page!

Flash Chromatography

Flash chromatography is, on account of its superior properties, replacing column chromatography in many laboratories for chemical synthesis, pharmacokinetics and combinatorial chemistry. Flash chromatography can be used to clean samples inexpensively and quickly on a preparative scale up to approximately 100 g. A key factor here is the automation capacity of flash chromatography and the reduced solvent consumption compared to column chromatography.

Thin-layer chromatography is often used for the development of a selective and reproducible method. This way, it is possible to determine the optimal combination of various eluents and sorbents within a short space of time. The quality of the Carl ROTH product range is reflected in the fact that our TLC plates and foils are coated with the same basic silica gel as that used in CHROMABOND® flash columns. This enables the developed method to be perfectly applied to flash chromatography.

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