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TISAB solution II

for fluoride determination
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Total ionic strength adjustment buffer
Density (D) 1,076 g/cm³
Boiling point (bp) 100 °C

Formulation: Sodium chloride, tri-Sodium citrate dihydrate, Acetic acid, Water.
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Product details

TISAB solution II for fluoride determination

Formulation: Sodium chloride, tri-Sodium citrate dihydrate, Acetic acid, Water.

TISAB solution II
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General information

Fluoride Value Determination

In quantitative assays, TISABs (total ionic strength adjustment buffers) are used to set the ionic strength of a solution to a stable level using ion-selective electrodes. The ionic strength must be kept stable during the measuring process in order to prevent the potential from changing regardless of the molar concentration. The measurement of fluoride ions is highly susceptible to error; high pH values or aluminium(III) and iron(III) ions will falsify the results.

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