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ROTI®Load DNAstain 2 SYBR® Green, 1.8 ml, 1 x 1.8 ml

6x conc., ready-to-use
Icon_ready-to-use Ready-to-use products and reagents
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Density (D) ~1,12 g/cm³
Storage temp. -20 °C
Transport temp. ambient temp.

DNA-gel loading buffer with fluorescent DNA-dye SYBR® Green. For fragments of 100-2000 bp.
Contains: Tris, EDTA, xylencyanol, tartrazine, SYBR® Green.
1.8 ml are sufficient for gel run and staining of approx. 1,800 lanes (5 µl sample + 1 µl loading buffer).

Loading bufer with the fluorescent dye SYBR® Green I for staining of double stranded nucleic acid in agarose and polyacrylamide gels.
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Product details

Loading bufer with the fluorescent dye SYBR® Green I for staining of double stranded nucleic acid in agarose and polyacrylamide gels.

  • Alternative for ethidium bromide, non-toxic, non-mutagen
  • 20 times more sensitive than ethidium bromide, up to 0.01 ng nucleic acid per band
  • For use with common broad-band ethidium bromide photo filters
  • Excitation possible via UV light (254 nm) and blue light (495 nm)
  • Compatible with all usual down-stream applications.

ROTI®Load DNAstain SYBR® Green is easy to use and reduces significantly the time required for gel analysis. The contained fluorescent dye SYBR® Green I detects up to 0.01 ng per band, and is, therefore, 20 times more sensitive than ethidium bromide. DNA integrity is not influenced by SYBR® Green I; hence, gel eluted DNA may directly be applied to standard down-stream applications, like, e.g., ligation, PCR, transformation, transfection etc. without interfering effects.

SYBR® Green I bounds to the minor groove of DNA and intercalates into the DNA. It can be excited by UV- and blue light, making it fully compatible with standard UV-transilluminators as well as with modern blue-light illumination (see also ROTIPHORESE®PROfessional runVIEW, Art. No. 4849.1).
When excited, nucleic acid-bound SYBR® Green I emits a brightly coloured green fluorescence (521 nm) that may be documented by all usual broadband ethidium bromide- or SYBR® Green foto filters.

The figure depicts 50 ng DNA per band, or 75 ng (1000 bp and 2.5 kb), respectively. Each lane has been loaded and concurrently stained using 1 µl ROTI®Load DNAstain SYBR® Green.


Excitation maximum (bound to DNA): 254 nm and 495 nm
Emission maximum (bound to DNA): 521 nm

ROTI®Load DNAstain 2 SYBR® Green 6x conc., ready-to-use
Directions for use

ROTI®Load DNAstain 2 SYBR® Green contains tartrazine and xylencyanol to mark the length. Tartrazine runs in the very small fragment range and shows the maximum running distance for very short runs. Recommended if bromophenol blue could mask important DNA bands.

Glycerin is the standard reagent for increasing sample density.

Recommended for staining of dsDNA- and dsRNA-fragments of 100-2000 bp.

Technical Information
Max. excitation (DNA-bound) ~320 nm
470-500 nm
Amount of traces ca. 1000/ml 
Emissions max. (DNA-bound) 525 nm 
Dye Xylene cyanole, tartrazine, SYBR® Green 
Incl. DNA staining yes 
Sensitivity 0,01 ng/band
Use Simultaneous gel staining, medium fragments 
ROTI®Load DNAstain 2 SYBR® Green
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Downloads / MSDS

General information

Summary Staining of Nucleic Acid in Gels

Product Sensitivity Description Excitation
Ethidium bromide solution 0.5-5 ng/band Standard fluorescent staining 254-330 nm, 500 nm UV- and blue light
SYBR® Green DNA dye 0.01 ng/band Non-toxic, green fluorescent staining 254 nm and 495 nm UV- and blue light
ROTI®GelStain 0.3 ng/band Non-toxic, green fluorescent staining 302 nm and 490 nm UV- and blue light
ROTI®GelStain Red 0.3 ng/band Non-toxic, red fluorescent staining 310 nm, 540 nm UV- and blue light
ROTI®Methylene blue staining concentrate 10 ng/band Reversible, non-toxic blue staining White light
ROTI®Black N <0.1 ng/band Silver staining of DNA polyacrylic amide gels White light

Selecting a Suitable ROTI®Load Gel Loading Buffer for Nucleic Acids

Care should be taken to ensure that the dyes contained in the gel stop before smallest relevant DNA bands. This ensures that the buffer can be stopped in time. However, the selected dyes may overlay the bands shown. In this case, select a loading buffer that does not contain any unwanted dyes.
Bromophenol blue and xylene cyanol can be used as colour markers in all standard gels. If a relevant band is overlaid by one of these colour markers, choose a gel loading buffer containing Orange G. If small fragments are to be assayed, the gel loading buffer should contain Orange G in order to mark the run. If relevant bands are overlaid, however, a choice can be made between bromophenol blue or xylene cyanol depending on the size of the bands. A loading buffer without xylene cyanol is usually used for assaying large fragments.

Glycerine is the standard reagent for increasing the density of samples.
Ficoll® 400 produces particularly well-defined bands.

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Appearancegreen solution
Each batch is functionally tested for its suitability in electrophoresis.