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HEPES, 50 g

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N-2-Hydroxyethylpiperazine-N'-2-ethane sulphonic acid, Good's buffer
Empirical formula C8H18N2O4S
Molar mass (M) 238,31 g/mol
Flash point (flp) 124 °C
Melting point (mp) 212,6 °C
CAS No. 7365-45-9
EG-Nr. 230-907-9

For cell culture, tissue culture and biotechnology.

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Art. No. HN77.1

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Product details

Free acid


Extremely versatile buffer. Excellent for cell and tissue cultures and for analysis of biological systems.

Application examples:
  • Combined with bicarbonate, HEPES is an excellent medium for human lymphocytoidal cell lines
  • HEPES is more effective than NaHCO3 when controlling the pH value in tissue and organ culture
  • HEPES-buffered media for chicken and human lung fibroblasts
  • Can be used to replace a bicarbonate buffered medium containing serum with a serum-free HEPES-buffered medium for mouse fibroblasts

Tested for low amount of endotoxins.

Buffer reagent according to Good. High buffer capacity at physiological pH-values.

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Guarantee analysis

Assay (titr.)≥99.5 %
Water≤0.2 %
Chloride (Cl)≤0.005 %
Sulphate (SO4)≤0.01 %
Phosphate (PO4)≤0.001 %
Heavy metals (as Pb)≤0.0005 %
Arsenic (As)≤0.00005 %
Iron (Fe)≤0.0003 %
Endotoxins≤0.025 EU/mg
DNases, RNases, Proteasenot detected
260 nm≤0.04
280 nm≤0.03