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GoPAGE™ 4-15 % TGN Mini, 10 unit(s)

GoPAGE™ ready-to-use, 4-15 % polyacrylamide in gradient
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Pack Qty.
Density (D) 1 g/cm³
Boiling point (bp) 100 °C
Melting point (mp) 0 °C
Storage temp. +4 °C
Transport temp. cooled

Ready-to-use mini gels with 4-15 % polyacrylamide, for rapid and easy gel electrophoresis of proteins of 25 to 200 kDa.
Gel cassette: 10 x 8,3 cm, 12 wells

Precast mini gels for rapid and easy gel electrophoresis in laboratory and students courses.
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Product details

Precast mini gels for rapid and easy gel electrophoresis in laboratory and students courses.

  • Particularly long shelf life - Up to 12 months when stored at 4 °C.
  • Ready to use - No comb or tape to remove.
  • Easy to load samples - Numbered wells; extended and fixed well separator to prevent sample carryover; loading volume up to 30 μl/wells.
  • Simple monitoring during the gel run - Transparent reference lines on the gel cassette help to monitor electrophoresis.
  • Sharp band separation
  • Wide range of applications - Available as constantly concentrated gels and as gradient gels for various protein separations.
  • Compatibility - Gel cassettes in two different sizes, suitable for most mini gel tanks.

GoPAGE™ TGN (Tris-GlycineNovel) Precast Gels are ready-to-use acrylamide gels for SDS-PAGE running in Tris-Glycine buffer system. With unique formula, GoPAGE™ TGN Precast Gels perform enhanced resolution, sharper bands, and longer shelf life as compared with conventional Laemmli Tris-HCl gels. The protein migration patterns in GoPAGE™ TGN series, however, are similar with typical Laemmli Tris-HCl gels, and thus GoPAGE™ TGN Precast Gels are compatible to traditional SDS-PAGE and downstream analyses.

GoPAGE™ TGN Precast Gels include 4 % polyacrylamide stacking gels. Cassettes are compatible withmost popular protein electrophoresis systems.

Gels are delivered sealed and preserved in Tris-Glycin buffer.

GoPAGE™ 4-15 % TGN Mini GoPAGE™ ready-to-use, 4-15 % polyacrylamide in gradient



Technical Information
Gel strength 1 mm
GoPAGE™ 4-15 % TGN Mini
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General information

Acrylamide ia a strong nerve poison which has clearly proved to be carcinogenic and to change the genetic make-up during animal testing. Acrylamide is resorbed primarily through the skin. The formation of dust when working with the solid matter is particularly critical. A hazard which can be easily avoided by using the ROTIPHORESE® ready-to-use solution.

Superior quality
ROTIPHORESE® Acrylamide and -Bisacrylamide solutions from Carl ROTH have the highest purity level. They are produced from substances free from acrylic acid. Oxidation products are removed from the solution by a selective absorption process. A new formation of such and/or polymerisation of the solution is prevented by gaseous stabilisation of the solution.
In order to guarantee a high consistency of our ROTIPHORESE®-solutions, each batch undergoes electrophoretic testing.

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