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Lumitester LED Control Swab

From Kikkoman

The Lumitester LED control swab, once charged, produces a stable, exactly defined and calibrate ligh ...
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Product details

The Lumitester LED control swab, once charged, produces a stable, exactly defined and calibrate light signal that can be used check the functioning of the Lumitester PD20 or PD30. The product illustration shows the LED control swab (back) in comparison with a LuciPac® Pen sampling tube.

Immediately before checking the Lumitester, connect the LED control swab to the power supply using the supplied charging cable and charge for 30 to 60 seconds. Then disconnect the LED control swab from the power supply and insert the LuciPac® Pen sampling tube into the cleaned measuring chamber of the Lumitester. The luminous energy emission is measured by pressing the Enter button.

Comparing the measurement result with the printed information indicates the condition of the unit. If the nominal value of 80 to 120 % is achieved, the Lumitester is in perfect working order. If not, please contact us to have the Lumitester and control swab recalibrated.

Lumitester LED Control Swab 



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Lumitester LED Control Swab
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