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SPE polypropylene column CHROMABOND® HR-XC, 3 ml, 200 mg

From  Macherey-Nagel
Material: PP columns with PE filter elements.
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Product details

Material: PP columns with PE filter elements.

SPE polypropylene column CHROMABOND® HR-XC 

Technical Information
Volume 3 ml
Filling quantity 200 mg
Particle size 85 µm
Phase HR-XC 
Separation principle Mixed mode (RP and Ion exchange (IEX)) 
Column shape Open tubular syringe-shaped column with Luer tip outlet 
Material text Material: PP columns with PE filter elements. 
Particle type Fully porous particles (FPP) 
Pore size 65-75 Å
Pore volume 1,4 cm³/g
pH stability 1,0-14,0 
Surface chemistry Hydrophobic spherical polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymer (PS/DVB) with benzenesulfonic acid modification, very strong Mixed mode cation exchanger (MCX) 
Specific surface according to BET 800 m²/g
Recommended storage temperature RT 
Exchanger capacity cation/anion 1,0 meq/g 
pKa <1 
Recommended application(s) Basic active ingredients from strongly matrix-contaminated samples like urine, plasma, serum, fungicides from food, basic analytes like e.g. amines, bases with pKa 2-10 
SPE polypropylene column CHROMABOND® HR-XC
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