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Magnetic stirrer Induction stirrer

From  Heathrow Scientific
Max. stirring capacity (H2O)
Number of stirring points

Wear-free induction motor.
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Product details

Wear-free induction motor.

  • Constant speed even at low speeds
  • Magnetic coil technology to keep the plate cool - for stirring temperature-sensitive samples and for work over extended periods of time
  • Digital display for speed and timer
  • Direction of rotation of the magnetic motor can be adjusted by turning to the left or right
  • Adjustable automatic reversal of direction of rotation (1 to 99 cycles)
  • ABS plastic housing
  • Five-year warranty

Magnetic stirrer Induction stirrer 

Delivery incl. two cylindrical magnetic bars (Ø 12 mm, L 35 mm) and anti-slip mat made of silicone.
Technical Information
Type Induction stirrer  
Number of stirring points
Max. stirring capacity (H2O) 3 l
Speed range 10 to 2000 rpm
Speed display LCD 
Timer function 30 sec to 60 min in 1 sec increments or continuous operation 
Footprint 165 mm
W x D x H, total 195 x 245 x 75 mm
Operating temperature 2 to 40 °C at 80 % RH 
Weight 1,13 kg
Mains connection 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz 
Magnetic stirrer Induction stirrer
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