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Pseudomonas Selective Agar (Base)

DEV, ISO 11133, EN ISO 16266:2008, for microbiology
Examples of effect: Are harmful to aquatic organisms, toxic or highly toxic, acute or with long-term effects. Safety: To be disposed of as hazardous waste only, do not allow into the environment under any circumstances.
i very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects
i avoid release to the environment
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CN Agar
Storage temp. +15 to +25 °C
Transport temp. ambient temp.
UN-Nr. 3077

For determination and enumeration of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from water samples by membrane filtration method.
Application: Use 50.6 g for 990 ml agar. Add 10 ml glycerol.

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Pseudomonas Selective Agar (Base) DEV, ISO 11133, EN ISO 16266:2008, for microbiology

Technical Information
Certified according to EN ISO 16266:2008 
ISO 11133 
Pseudomonas Selective Agar (Base)
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Gelatine peptone16 g/l
Casein hydrolysed10 g/l
Anhydrous potassium sulphate10 g/l
Anhydrous magnesium chloride1,4 g/l
Cetrimide0,2 g/l
Nalidixic acid0,015 g/l
Agar13 g/l
pH value7,1 ±0,2