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Molecular sieve 3 Å, 100 ml, glass

activated, under argon, for DNA synthesis
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Melting point (mp) >400 °C
CAS No. [1318-02-1]
EG-Nr. 215-283-8

Thread size 27 mm

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Art. No. N893.1

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Molecular sieve 3 Å activated, under argon, for DNA synthesis

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Molecular sieve 3 Å
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N893.1 100 ml glass


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Downloads / MSDS

General information

Molecular Sieves

For drying, cleaning or separating liquids and gases.


  • Spherical metal aluminosilicates
  • Spheres Ø 1,6-2,5 mm and 2,5-5,0 mm
  • Active surface: 600-700 m2/g
  • Activated at 500-600 °C; we nevertheless recommend activating the molecular sieve again before using it for the first time
  • In desiccators, drying tubes, columns
  • For drying streaming gases
  • For absoluting organic solvents
  • For separating organic solvents


• In drying cabinets at 200-300 °C
• Through pressure change or rinsing

Critical molecular diameter for frequently occurring molecules, in Å (1 angstrom = 10-10 m = 0.1 nm)

Molecule Size [Å]

Molecule Size [Å]
Acetylene 3.3

Helium 2.0
Ammonia 2.9

Hydrogen 2.4
Argon 3.8

Hydrogen sulphide 3.6
Benzole/toluene 5.8

Methane 3.8
n-Butanes and higher n-hydrocarbons 4.3

Methanol 3.6
i-Butane and higher i-hydrocarbons 5.1

Methyl mercaptan 3.8
i-Butene 4.0

Nitrogen 3.6
trans-2-Butene 5.1

Oxygen 3.5
1,3-Butadiene 5.8

Propane 4.3
Cyclohexane 6.0

Propylene 4.0
Carbon dioxide 3.3

Tetrahydrofurane 5.0
Carbon monoxide 3.7

Thiophene 5.3
Carbon tetrachloride 5.9

Triethylamine 7.8
Dimethylpropane 6.2

Trichlormethane/Chloroform 6.9
Ethane 4.2

Water 2.6
Ethanol 4.2

o-Xylene 6.6
Ethylene 3.9

m-Xylene 6.3
Ethyl mercaptan 3.8

p-Xylene 5.9

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