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Muffle/ashing furnaces AAF series, 6.9 l, AAF 11/7

From  Carbolite Gero
Max. temperature

For temperatures up to 1100 °C.
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Art. No. XK54.1

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Product details

For temperatures up to 1100 °C.

  • Ceramic muffles heated from 4 sides for good temperature homogeneity (AAF 11/3 and AAF 11/7), AAF 11/18 model is heated from 2 sides with covered heating elements
  • Parallel swing-up doors
  • Hot door insulation is always facing away from the user
  • Vacuum-formed fibre insulation
  • Heating-up time: approx. 100 min
  • Preheated air intake for optimal temperature distribution
  • Air exchange rate: approx. 5 to 6 air changes per minute
  • Exhaust outlet with vent (Ø 50 mm)
  • With door contact switch
  • PID thermostat with digital display
    (target/actual temperature display)
  • Input of a temperature control profile with 2 segments (heating rate and hold time) using the timer function
  • Built-in timer function (runtime: 99 h and 59 min)
  • The timer can be operated in 5 different modes, e.g. the timer waits until the set temperature is reached, then begins to count down and on expiration shuts off the heater.
  • Please pay attention to supply voltages

Muffle/ashing furnaces AAF series 

Delivery incl. inconel bottom trays with handle (AAF 11/3 and AAF 11/7) or Inconel rack with handle for loading with samples on two levels (AAF 11/18).
Technical Information
Type AAF 11/7 
Volume 6,9 l
Max. temperature 1100 °C
Inner width 170 mm
Inner height 90 mm
Inner depth 455 mm
Outer width 430 mm
Outer height 650 mm
Outer depth 740 mm
Power consumption 3900 W
Weight 63 kg
Mains connection 230 V, two-phase, 50 Hz with 16 A CEE plug, 16 A fuse per phase 
Muffle/ashing furnaces AAF series
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XK54.1 1.100 °C 6,9 l AAF 11/7 1 unit(s)


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