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EC Blue 100P

From  NISSUI Pharmaceutical
sterile, ready-to-use, for water analysis
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For qualitative and quantitative analysis of coliforms and E. coli in water.
Dissolve a single-dose sachet of analysis reagent in 100 ml of test water. Store protected from light.

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Product details


  • Fast - results in just 24 hours
  • Simple - easy to handle, even by non-professionals
  • Safe - easy-to-interpret colour reaction
  • Sensitive - 1 cfu/10 ml detection limit
  • Efficient - simultaneous analysis of coliforms and E. coli
  • Also suitable for chlorinated and turbid water

Quick and safe process for the analysis of coliform bacteria in general, and E. coli specifically in water.

The test is also suitable for analysis of turbid water samples and water samples containing suspended matter. Bacteria stressed by chlorinated water can generally also be verified.

The EC Blue system saves time and preliminary work because the reagent mixture is provided in sterile test bottles for direct use.

The presence of E. coli can easily be detected by the occurrence of fluorescence under UV light (see EC-Blue Mini UV lamp Art. No. KK49.1). Approximately 95 % of all E. coli strains produce the enzyme β-glucuronidase, which reacts with an enzyme substrate contained in EC Blue to release a fluorescent dye.

The EC Blue Comparator for 10 ml and 100 ml (Art. No. 0349) is available for the comparison of own samples with a slightly positive control.

Quantification is possible using EC Blue Quant/MPN (Art. No. 0199.1).

EC Blue 100P sterile, ready-to-use, for water analysis

Pour 100 ml of the test water into a sterile container and dissolve the contents of a single-dose sachet of EC Blue 100P powder in it. The formation of a blue to blue-green colour after incubation at 35 °C indicates the presence of coliform bacteria in the water. This colour change is due to an enzymatic colour reaction of the coliform-specific galactosidase with the chromogenic substrate X-Gal.

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EC Blue 100P
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Appearance of the powderlight to dark yellow
Solubility in 100 ml watercomplies
pH value6,9-7,3

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